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Уроки English полностью на английском: тренируемся понимать английский на слух 👍

5 Cool English Idioms for everyday use

Today we are going to learn some of the most common English Idioms!

Knowing them will help you express your feelings and emotions.

Let’s give it a listen? 🙂

Stop saying GOODBYE!

This will probably surprise you… (but I think you should know the truth :-)):

the English word GOODBYE is very likely to become extinct! It’s time to stop using it!

Then… what to say when you are leaving? Let’s find out!


Today you will learn some of the coolest English words that are being used all over the world!

Enjoy the video! 🙂

Слушаем Короткие Истории на Английском

A short story in English with a moral. Will help you practice your Listening Skills 🙂